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Watch Willow Smith’s “F Q-C #7″ Video


By Diamond 12:14 pm May 8, 2015 “The different Me’s represent my Chakras. Yellow is Self-confidence, Blue is my voice (song), Red is my survival instinct, and the Black is a combination of everything (the true me),” Willow Smith says of her latest video. Smith wrote and produced the song and co-directed the video.

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Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith under investigation by Children and Family Services

By BYP @blackyouthproj 3:59 pm May 20, 2014 Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith are under investigation by the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services after a picture of their 13-year-old daughter Willow in bed with actor Moises Arias, 20, surfaced. 

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Monday Morning Challenge: Cast Good Times

By Summer M. 8:32 am March 18, 2013 Here’s the deal: Sony Pictures has decided to turn the 70′s television sitcom Good Times into a feature-length film. Last week, Deadline reported that Sony has tapped producer Scott Rudin and writer Phil Johnston to head the project. (Before we go all Spike Lee and question whether a couple of white dudes […]

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Stop Saying Little Black Girls Are “Too Grown”

What I’m saying is that there is a fine line between policing self-expression/controlling a child and protecting a child. You don’t have to be controlling to set boundaries and protect your child. Contrary to popular belief, self-expression is a right.

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Girl Power: The Smith’s Advice

Willow Smith’s wild style has many criticizing the Smith’s parenting skills. Jada Pinkett-Smith says its healthy self-expression for a young girl. What do you think of all the hoopla surrounding Willow’s style?

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On the Inevitable #Fail of the Whitney Houston Biopic

By Summer M. 8:00 am March 5, 2012 As much as I’d like to stop publicly mourning the death of a person I never met, I’m not ready. Tweeting #shoopforjesus, randomly saying “‘Re ain’t here!?” to whomever will listen, and concluding that Whitney wasn’t that bad of a dancer after watching the “I Wanna Dance with […]

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Summer M.’s Predictions for 2011

By Summer M. 9:02 am January 3, 2011 Admittedly, this blog is about a week late.  Teena Marie’s unfortunate and untimely death caused me to bump my 2011 predictions back a week.  I’m not sure if I can technically call the following statements predictions since we are already a few days into the new year.  […]

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Uninspired Nihilism

By Summer M. 9:15 am September 13, 2010 Lately, I’ve found it exceedingly difficult to blog.  To be sure, it’s not because I lack the desire to write and make you privy to my mental awesomeness each Monday morning, but rather because I’ve essentially checked out of the blogging world.  I wish I could blame […]

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