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Guest post: The death no one cares about


This article originally appeared on It was written by Ronnie Polaneczky, columnist for the Daily News.

By: Ronnie Polaneczky

IF CHRISTINA SANKEY had been an angel-faced toddler when she went missing, we might know by now how she wound up dead, half-naked and alone, between two parked cars in West Philly on a frigid winter morning.

The city would’ve been galvanized by her death. Government officials would’ve promised to find out how she met her tragic end. Someone would’ve created a sidewalk memorial, and others would’ve led prayer vigils to honor the life that was lost.

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MY RACE DOES MATTER – People of color continue to be unseen in Biblical Stories

Matters of race will forever be an interesting topic to me. I will love and be frustrated by racial matters as it educates me and helps further shape my perception of others and the representations of myself.

I was reluctant to see the movie “Noah” a biblical remake of the popular story about the famous ark that withstood the destruction of the world. If you are a sensitive soul when it comes to religion, specifically the Bible and all its denominations, this may not be the post for you. I’m a pretty open soul and I only speak honestly regardless of people’s opinions. My mother wanted the family to see it together, so I joined in.

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BYP 100′s FM Supreme releases ‘Heal Chi Raq’ in response to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Chi-raq’

fm supreme

In response to Nick Minaj and Lil Herb’s “Chi-raq” song, BYP 100 member FM Supreme has released her track “Heal Chi Raq.” Let’s just say that FM Supreme isn’t happy that artists are celebrating her city’s extremely sad youth violence problems.

In contrast to the popular tune rapped by Young Money’s Minaj, Supreme’s track seeks to focus on thoughtful solutions to Chicago’s violence and drug epidemic. 

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Here’s my issue with the ‘Butt Selfie Queen’

If you haven’t heard, there’s this physically fit Jewish woman who takes lots of pictures of her butt. Jen Selter, 20, who is a fitness coach-turned Vanity Fair model, became famous for her “butt selfies,” and has now been hailed the “The Butt Selfie Queen.” Yes it’s a real thing.

Like many people these days, Selter turned her online “fame” to a full out career option. She has more than 3 million followers on Instagram, and pictures of her very fit body continues to reel in fans. While I rock with Selter’s strategy of pairing flattering visual imagery with inspirational words, I cannot help but to notice the subtle, and possibly subconscious rewards of white privilege at play in her favor. The main issue with white privilege is that those who take advantage of it are blind to its existence most of the time. But for those of us who recognize it, it is our duty to call out instances that allow for it to continue to thrive.

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News Flash

NCAA changes meal policy for Division I student-athletes


Just after the NCAA tournament, we posted a story about Shabazz Napier, a UCONN basketball player, saying that he went to be hungry sometimes. Now, the NCAA has responded by changing their policy.

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News Flash

Brennan Center Report details 15 different executive actions to reduce mass incarceration

The Brennan Center for Justice has created 15 executive actions that President Obama can carry out without Congress to reduce mass incarceration.

The report, “15 Executive Actions” consists of the following recommendations. 

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News Flash

Report: minority students get less effective, less experienced teachers


According to a report released by The Center For American Progress, low-income students of color generally have less experienced and less effective teachers.

The report analyzed the evaluation scores of teachers in low-income and affluent districts in both Massachusetts and Louisiana.

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Creator seeks to educate urban community on investing through film project


A California-based writer hopes to inspire and educate people on the importance of investing.

But instead of teaching workshops, he’s doing so through a comedy/drama. 

Just Say Yes is about a wise-cracking hustler named Connie who is “convinced” to take a business internship while working at a non-profit organization called the Granville Academy. 

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In online experiment, white man experiences difficulty of being black

A white man can finally say that he knows what it feels like to be a black woman. At least in the virtual sense.

Two weeks ago, Christopher Carbone participated in a social experiment. He swapped his Twitter pic for that of a black woman’s, as part of #RaceSwapExp. He wrote about his experience. 

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News Flash

Aunt of mother arrested for leaving kids in car during interview says ‘she was too proud to ask for help’

The family of a mother who faces jail time and the possibility of losing her children after leaving them in a warm car during a job interview says she “was too proud to ask for help”.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, Shanesha Taylor’s great aunt Henrietta Grant said she wished Taylor would’ve asked her to watch them. 

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