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On television, more transgender, gender fluid characters in focus


There are more transgender and gender fluid characters on television who appear in main roles than ever.

According to NPR’s Neda Ulaby, “TV’s expanding universe [also] represents gays and lesbians and working women.” 

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Update: charges brought against 5 Hasidic men who beat black gay fashion student


In December, we reported that Taj Patterson, a black, gay New York fashion student, was attacked by five Hasidic men while walking home from a night out.

The men have since been charged in connection to the incident. 

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Elderly woman tied up during wrongful police raid


A 75-year-old Virginia woman said she was tied up with a zip tie while State Police invaded her home.

Ruth Hunter said officers told her what they were looking for during the April 10 raid, and she told them she had nothing to do with the investigation. 

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How to Succeed in Hip-Hop Without Selling Your Soul

1966847_10152373959134063_6837974029467424746_nJasiri X performing at Mr. Smalls Theater in Pittsburgh, PA (Photo by Da Button Pusha) 

I can’t front, I’ve had an incredible year so far. From traveling to Palestine, to relaunching the 1Hood Media Academy, we even went on vacation for the first time in 8 years! These past few weeks have been just as great. 1Hood Media Academy graduate, Willy James traveled with me and Paradise Gray to a performance I had at Penn State with Rebel Diaz and produced this incredible short film called, “A Day with Jasiri X”.

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Man faces execution due to alcoholic lawyer destroying his case


This post originally appeared on Mother Jones. It was written by Marc Bookman, and appears under the title, “This Man is About to Die Because an Alcoholic Lawyer Botched His Case.”

By: Marc Bookman

When people recount their alcohol consumption after a night on the town, or even a serious bender, they usually think about it in terms of drinks. Very rarely do they calibrate their intake in quarts. So most of us don’t have a good sense of just how much a quart of vodka is—a bit more than 21 shots, as it turns out. That’s the amount of alcohol lawyer Andy Prince consumed every night during the death penalty trial of his client, Robert Wayne Holsey, a low-functioning man with a tortured past who now stands on the brink of execution in Georgia.

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Man breaks into National Civil Rights Museum, sleeps on bed at former motel


Officials increased security at the National Civil Rights Museum after police discovered a smashed window and a man sleeping on a bed at the former Lorraine Motel.

The historical landmark  is the site of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s final moments alive. 

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Video: Pharrell features diverse women in ‘Marilyn Monroe’ video


Everyone remembers the controversy music producer-turned-rapper Pharrell caused when he released his the cover art for his newest album “Girl.”

Well it appears that the singer took note. His latest video for the song “Marilyn Monroe” not only features a black woman on the single’s cover, but a plethora of different women. 

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Meet Patrick Peoples, the latest teen to get accepted into several Ivy League schools


Patrick Peoples, a senior at Lyceum Academy of New Hanover High School in Wilmington, North Carolina, is the latest teen to get accepted into seven of the eight Ivy League schools.

The 17-year-old has been granted admission to Princeton University, Yale University, Columbia University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University and University of Pennsylvania. 

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Study: if you’re black, reviewers will find more errors in your writing


A new study released by Nextions consulting firm reveals a startling fact. If you’re black, chances of reviewers taking time to find errors in your writing are greater than those if you’re white.

When reviewers were told the author of a legal brief was black, they consistently rated identical pieces lower in quality and identified more spelling, grammar, factual or analytical errors. 

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#BYPGotSkills Series: Using Social Media for Activism Webinar

sm activism

The Black Youth Project 100 is hosting a free webinar, “Using Social Media for Activism: Being Effective, Strategic and Impactful.”

Social media is reinventing activism, amplifying old problems in new spaces and in innovative ways. This session goes beyond hashtags and covers ways to use various tools to amplify your cause effectively and strategically so you can be impactful. 

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